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Flux Histograms for 2017 Analysis

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Flux for 2017 Analysis histograms for FHC and RHC:

- The fluxes are integrated over the fiducial volume limited by -176 < X <177, -172 < Y < 179 and 25 < Z < 1150 cm. The fluxes are PPFX corrected, and both, the hadron production and focusing systematics are included (see docs 23441 and 17608 for more details).

- These fluxes have been made with the official FHC (RHC) ND MC CAFAna files using the function DeriveFlux from CAFAna/XSec/Flux.*.

- The root files have two types of histograms: flux_N and fractional_uncertainty_N, where N is the neutrino type. The entries are normalized by 10^6 POT, m2 and the bin width.

- The text files contain tables of the flux normalized by 10^6 POT and m2.

- The fractional uncertainties are made by the hadron production and beam focusing uncertainties added in quadrature. This corresponds to the sigma fraction respect to the central value and it meant to be used to make an uncertainty band (the covariance matrix is not included yet).

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DOI: 10.15484/1959359


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