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NOvA 2020 official data release (13.6E20 neutrino + 12.5E20 antineutrino)

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NOvA results of the 2020 joint analysis of nue appearance and numu disappearance data presented in Phys. Rev. D 106, 032004:
Note: these contained plots are slightly different from the ones shown at NEUTRINO 2020.

Exposure: 13.6E20 protons on target, neutrino-enhanced beam
12.5E20 protons on target, antineutrino-enhanced beam

Parameters not constrained by NOvA:
- th13 is assumed to be Gaussian, ss2th13 = 0.085 +/- 0.003 (PDG 2019, Phys. Rev. D98, 030001 (2018) and 2019 update, https://pdg.lbl.gov/2019/listings/rpp2019-list-neutrino-mixing.pdf)
- ss2th12 = 0.851, dm21=7.53e-5 are fixed at 2019 PDG values

Significances are obtained with the Feldman-Cousins procedure.

Files contain TGraphs for the following:
- ssth23 vs deltaCP 1,2,3 sigma and 90% CL contours, for NO or IO
- dmsq32 vs ssth23 1,2,3 sigma and 90% CL contours, for NO or IO
- deltaCP profile for NO UO, NO LO, IO LO, IO UO
- ssth23 profile for NO, IO
- dmsq32 profile for NO UO, NO LO, IO LO, IO UO

Contour files also include a TMarker with the best-fit parameters (in the NO)

An additional file containing the predictions for all channels’ signal and background components computed at the NOvA best-fit oscillation parameters and systematic pull terms. Numu samples include the no-oscillation case as well.

Please note that any fits performed with these histograms are not expected to exactly reproduce the official NOvA results as parameterizations of the numerous systematic uncertainties considered in the official fits are not included in this release.

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DOI: 10.15484/1959361

NOVA Document 46650-v5
RITM1195302, RITM1496441

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